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Why Choose Barefoot Namibia

Barefoot Namibia is perfectly placed to arrange your ideal holiday. A family owned and run company, we pride ourselves on our high quality service, attention to detail and our ability to be flexible and to meet our clients’ needs. Our mission at Barefoot Namibia is to provide the best value-for-money self-drive tours and safaris possible.

Kelly was born and raised on a Namibian game farm and has years of experience in the tourism industry as a Professional Hunting Guide, Tour Guide and Travel Booking Agent. Brian, who is originally from South Africa has worked and travelled extensively throughout Southern Africa, and has made Namibia his home since meeting his lovely wife here.

Let us offer you competitive prices, excellent personal service and the most up to date local information required to tailor the perfect safari. We meet every client arriving at Walvis Bay Airport to provide a thorough briefing and we offer all our guests marked route maps, detailed itineraries with directions and 24-hour support.

We are registered with the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB), Registration No. TFA00168

We also care about Namibia’s natural environment and subscribe to a minimum impact philosophy.

Responsible Tourism

At Barefoot Namibia we are committed to responsible travel and green tourism.

Our sustainable travel guidelines are based on 5 key objectives:

- To protect the environment – its flora, fauna and landscapes

- To respect local cultures – traditions, religions and heritage

- To benefit local communities – both economically and socially

- To conserve natural resources – from office to destination

- To minimise pollution – through noise, waste disposal and congestion

Lodges, Campsites and Guestfarms

We actively seek out accommodations which are Namibian owned and have the majority of their operations based here in the country. We try to use those locations that take measures to reduce their environmental impact and play a positive role in their local community.

We particularly try to use community-owned accommodation under Namibia Community Based Tourism Assistance Trust (NACOBTA). This is an organisation which supports communities in their efforts to develop and operate tourism enterprises profitably and sustainably which greatly contributes to poverty reduction and overall social stability.

Future Aims

Barefoot Namibia tries to leave only the smallest footprints! Here in our Swakopmund office we try to be as paper free as possible and we are also hoping to go solar powered. The technology is still expensive here, but we will persevere!

Enriching Your Experience

Before you arrive.

- Before you travel, try to read up as much as you can on your destination, local customs and cultures, history and appropriate dress. A few words of the local language, especially greetings, will go a long way towards breaking the ice. In Namibia English is the official language although Afrikaans and German are widely spoken, as well as many local languages.

- Dispose of as much excess packaging as you can before you leave home. Recycling and waste collection is not as well regulated in Namibia, and is more difficult to organise here.

- Ask us for advice if you are interested in visiting any local community or environmental projects while you are in Namibia. We can make suggestions about which projects would fit into your itinerary. See our Conservation Tour.

- Arrive with an open mind and plenty of humour. In African life works at a different pace to western countries so bear this in mind and enjoy the diversity. Get used to the phrase "TIA" - This Is Africa!

Once you arrive

- dispose of rubbish carefully, recycle where possible, re-use your drink bottles and shopping bags

- minimise water and energy use

- purchase local products, arts and crafts

- if you want to gift money, support community projects rather than individuals.

- dress and behave respectfully especially in villages, religious and cultural areas

- respect the dignity and privacy of others – ask before taking photographs

- visit the visitor centre on arrival for local information

- remember you are a guest – always behave respectfully

- practise safe and responsible sex

- make your trip a positive experience for both you and the people in the country you visit

Thank you, and we look forward to planning a dream Namibian holiday for you!