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 Namibia Information

Namibia is a magnificently vast, rugged and seemingly empty land. There are areas where you can drive for over 250km (155 miles) between service stations and not see another person, and camp in places having your nearest neighbour over 100km (62 miles)away.

You will see the bluest of blue skies for many months of the year, and if visiting in the rainy season, hopefully a welcome afternoon downpour.

Namibia is a country of breathtaking contrast. From the tropical forests of the Caprivi where the Okavango and great Zambezi are home to crocodiles, hippo, and the herds of migrating elephants - to the unique lifestyle of the creatures of the Namib Desert that survive for months without 'drinking' water.

On the eastern border with Botswana the red sands of the Kalahari flow onto the central savannah where, on the large ranches the cattle and sheep graze contentedly alongside the wild game animals.

And further south the herds of Oryx, kudu, springbok and wild desert horses roam freely across the land.

On the west coast you will find the legendary and forbidding Skeleton Coast and it is here that desert lions go down to the sea to pray upon unwary seals as they bask on the shoreline.

Inland the elusive desert elephants of the Namib, the largest in the world, make their daily trek of up to sixty kilometres in search of food and water.

And amongst all of this 'Africa' you will find a relatively orderly, peaceful and democratic society.

Namibia has modern facilities and clean towns, yet is also respectful of the ancient cultures and values of others, such as the Himba tribes-people of the Kaokoveld. It is in this land that you will discover the beauty and diversity; the remoteness, and the wonder of Africa at its best.